Are you in Ukraine or a neighbouring country – and need immigration advice on coming to the UK?

Are you Ukrainian and now in the UK – and having problems? Maybe BRP delays, accessing rights to benefits or education, or threatened with homelessness?

Are you a Homes For Ukraine or Family scheme host – having difficulties with the process?

Settled’s free, multilingual, trustworthy service is here to help!


We launched our new Ukraine service (in addition to our EUSS services) in March 2022. Yuliia Ismail leads the service – she was a solicitor and barrister in Ukraine, and now an accredited UK immigation adviser.  She is supported by Ukrainian volunteers, and Settled’s wider team of migration lawyers. All are accredited by the UK Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). We have developed good links with the UK Home Office, and can escalate complex or very delayed cases where appropriate.

* Initial contact for 1:1 advice/support is via email: [email protected] We can phone back internationally, if need be.

* Alternatively, we have a private Facebook group, in Ukrainian, in which people can ask and view more general questions.

* We also have extensive information on all three schemes in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

We help with:

    • Homes For Ukraine Scheme: UK hosts/sponsors – new applications and any problems, including relating to Unaccompanied Children.
    • Ukraine Extension Scheme: for Ukrainians who were already in the UK on work, student or visitor visas when the latest war started in 2022.

We do not help with:

‘matching’ – ie finding Ukrainian families to host in your home, or finding a sponsor to stay with in the UK. 

More government information on that is available hereMatching organisations approved by the UK government are Citizens UK (through USPUK), Refugees at HomeResetWorld Jewish Relief, OporaLove Bristol, and St John of God Hospitaller Services.

I am so grateful to this country and to your organisation! 

A million thousand times I will not get tired of repeating: 
Thank You! Thank You for being in this world!

An advisor of Settled Ukraine Advice took care of all the hassle with a visa application. She helped me to resolve this issue quickly, completely free of charge... I am very grateful to have discovered this wonderful service, when it was very much needed. 

Katya is a Ukrainian woman living in England, whose teenage son was stuck in a warzone, alone, after his grandmother died. 

Trying to get a visa for him, she paid advisers twice – with no results, but many months wasted. Then she discovered Settled… 

(3 minute video, with English subtitles).

Tomila gave birth to her son in the UK, to save him from the war in Ukraine. 

Settled gave free, accredited advice in Ukrainian, and helped her apply for his visa, something she hadn’t realised was needed.

(2 minute video, with English subtitles.)

Settled is a charity.

 In order for Settled to reach and give invaluable advice to as many Ukrainians as possible, for free, 
please consider donating to us if possible. 

Please see our winter 2022 Ukraine Appeal for more information. Thank you very much!

Changes to pre-settled rules

The Home Office announced some changes to EUSS pre-settled status rules on 21st May.

Please do not contact Settled to ask about these changes until we are clearer, as otherwise our service may become overwhelmed.

It is important that we can continue to respond effectively to beneficiaries in need of urgent casework advice and support.
We are waiting for more detail, and will update our website information, Facebook forums, and leaflets as soon as possible. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

The Home Office announcement is here.

We’re here to help you with your Settled Status to remain in the UK. We have 100 volunteers on hand who can provide advice in all EU lanaguages.

Are Children Involved?

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