Our Values


  • Settled was created by EU Citizens who had made their home in the UK before Brexit and who are passionate about overcoming difficulties faced by their fellow EU Citizens, their families and communities in the exercise of their rights.
  • We strive as a team and as a charitable organisation for a positive and successful future in which European Citizens, as defined in our charitable objects, are encouraged to feel that they belong in the UK.
  • Our warm-hearted, empathetic and supportive staff and volunteers understand the challenges that our benficiaries face, because the majority of them went through similar experiences in the recent past.
  • We value simplicity and use resources sustainably.
  • We harness our experience to inform others about the realities at the grassroots for European Citizens. 


  • We are committed to enabling European Citizens to secure their rights to live in the UK lawfully and safely and to exercise all of their associated rights. 
  • We are good listeners and draw out factual information and evidence from our beneficiaries so that we can provide free, expert advice.
  • Our multilingual services are easy to understand, and available throughout the UK. 
  • Our services are inclusive for all European Citizens and available equally regardless of personal characteristics. 
  • We prioritise and adapt our services to reach those facing the most disadvantageous circumstances.  


  • We are at the forefront of responding to European Citizens in the UK and we act quickly. 
  • Our beneficiaries know that we will do everything possible and we help thousands. We build trust and empower them to find a way forward. 
  • We collaborate with professionals in statutory, public and voluntary organisations, to maximise the help available and seek to resolve difficulties for our beneficiaries. 
  • We don’t just wait for requests for help; instead we are proactive in communities. 
  • We mobilise nimbly with innovative solutions when new situations arise. 
  • We challenge and seek to influence Home Office policy effectively on behalf of individuals and whole classes of beneficiaries. 
  • We win the respect of grassroots communities and senior decision-makers alike.

We’re here to help you with your Settled Status to remain in the UK. We have 100 volunteers on hand who can provide advice in all EU lanaguages.

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