STATEMENT:We are glad the Home Office has issued EUSS guidance with a ‘reasonable grounds’ to applying late policy, while there are still a few months to the deadline.Those of us working in this field now better understand what is likely to happen in July.It is very important and welcome that the Home Office is emphasising that it is looking for reasons to grant Pre-Settled or Settled status and will give the benefit of the doubt to late applicants, at least for the time being.The Home Office has rightly highlighted that children, the elderly and incapacitated and those in controlling domestic or employment relationships need special attention – Settled has voiced concerns about those in elderly care and delays at embassies and consulates for national document renewals.It is helpful that the Home Office recognises that there will be a wide variety of other compelling and compassionate reasons why someone may have missed the deadline which should be considered.As we get close to the deadline, we may yet face a situation where it would be better to extend the deadline, but until we reach that point, this guidance is a step in the right direction.

Changes to pre-settled rules

The Home Office announced some changes to EUSS pre-settled status rules on 21st May.

Please do not contact Settled to ask about these changes until we are clearer, as otherwise our service may become overwhelmed.

It is important that we can continue to respond effectively to beneficiaries in need of urgent casework advice and support.
We are waiting for more detail, and will update our website information, Facebook forums, and leaflets as soon as possible. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

The Home Office announcement is here.

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Are Children Involved?

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