#EUask5 – no one misses the deadline

Ahead of Europe Day on 9 May, Settled is asking everyone to #EUask5 people if they have applied for the EU Settlement Scheme, to secure their rights to remain in the UK. 

All Europeans who call the UK home MUST apply to the EU Settlement Scheme before the deadline of June 30th, or risk losing their rights to live, work and study in the country.

With less than two months to the deadline, we know there are still thousands out there who have not yet applied. 

Settled needs your help reaching those who have not yet done their EU Settlement Scheme applications. 

From Wednesday 5th May, please join our #EUask5 campaign in three simple steps:

  1. Ask 5 Europeans or people who may know Europeans if they and their friends have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme – the more people you can ask offline, the greater the chance of finding those who have not yet applied. 
  2. If they say “yes, of course”, GREAT! If they say “no, what is that?” or “I tried and gave up” please tell them there is a great charity called Settled that is here to help them for free.
  3. When EU have asked 5 people, encourage them to also #EUask5 and then take to social media and let everyone know you have done your #EUask5. Now this is the fun bit. 

Take a picture of yourself with the Settled love heart drawn on your hand, with five fingers outstretched, to show you have done your #EUask5. You could include the following message, or write your own reasons why it’s so important to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme:

‘I have asked 5 Europeans if they have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme to secure their rights in the UK. Now it’s time for you to #EUask5 too. For more information visit: settled.org.uk/euask5’

Or why not film a video? Draw the Settled heart on your palm and tell people you have done your #EUask5 and you want to encourage everyone else to do so too – be as creative as possible: use sign language, a European language, create a colourful banner, however you wish to spread the #EUask5 message.

Please join us as we launch the campaign on 5th May at twitter.com/WeAreSettled and facebook.com/WeAreSettled. We’ll be encouraging everyone to #EUask5 through to Europe Day 2021 on 9th May.

Every #EUask5 is one more step towards ensuring no one loses their right to remain in the UK after June 30th. Together we can make sure no one misses the deadline.

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We’re here to help you with your Settled Status to remain in the UK. We have 100 volunteers on hand who can provide advice in all EU lanaguages.

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