Settled has submitted evidence to the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration on the functioning of the EU Settlement Scheme. The Chief Inspector reviewed the scheme twice before and his previous reports can be found here and here.

Launching the ‘call for evidence’ for his third report, the Independent Chief Inspector, David Bolt said:

“I am about to begin a further inspection of how the Scheme is working, particularly for vulnerable groups, such as children under local authority care, victims of domestic violence or of modern slavery, and those who are digitally or socially excluded and hardest to reach.

I am keen to hear from individuals who have applied or are yet to apply, and from anyone who has provided assistance to applicants, including organisations who have worked with the Home Office to support the Scheme. I am particularly interested in:

  • what is working well and why, with examples (“success stories”)
  • what is not working, practical difficulties, concerns and recommendations
  • the consistency and usefulness of advice received from the Home Office
  • the lived experiences of vulnerable individuals and groups
  • factors preventing individuals from applying or delaying the progress of applications
  • the support, including funding, training and guidance, provided by the Home Office to those assisting applicants.”

Drawing on the direct experience of our staff and volunteers, Settled, among other organisations, has drafted its own response, which can be downloaded below.

Settled’s Evidence to the Chief Inspector of Borders & Immigration, August 2020

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