Settled is an independent charity providing free and trustworthy information, advice and support in different languages to EU citizens in the UK.

The UK is home to a few million European citizens, many have lived here for decades, built careers and raised families. As the UK leaves the European Union, EU citizens must make an application to stay in the UK. The deadline to do so is 30 June 2021.

Settled was set up in 2019 by concerned EU citizens. It has a small team of staff and 100 volunteers throughout the UK. Settled is registered to provide immigration advice.

Settled is here to help ensure that EU citizens gain Settled Status and to respond to the difficulties that they face – now and in the future. Its services are accessible throughout the UK, and we are committed to reaching those who most need help.

Do you need help?

Information is available on the help pages of this website in different languages.

More information and advice is on Settled's Facebook page and language forums.

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You can also call us on our multilingual telephone helplines.
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