I am from outside the EU

I am from outside the EU

If you are from outside the EU, you may be able to apply if:

  • you’re a family member of an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen;
  • you’re the family member of a British citizen and you lived outside the UK in an EEA country together;
  • you’re the family member of a British citizen who also has EU, EEA or Swiss citizenship and who lived in the UK as an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen before getting British citizenship;
  • you used to have an EU, EEA or Swiss family member living in the UK;
  • you’re the primary carer of a British, EU, EEA or Swiss citizen;
  • you’re the child of an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen who used to live and work in the UK, or the child’s primary carer.

If you do fall within these categories, you can find guidance on how to apply on the gov.uk pages.

You may also be able to find information in your own language on EU Londoners Hub.

If you do not fall within these categories, it is unlikely you are eligible to apply to the EUSS and we suggest you contact an OISC accredited immigration advisor to check your status.

Organisations that may be able to offer advice and support are:

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Welsh Refugee Council
Migration Scotland
Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership

You may also want to contact your Embassy of Consulate to ask for their op to date guidance.

Legal aspects

If you have a query or concern about the legal aspect of your immigration status, or you have a criminal conviction you are concerned about, we suggest you contact our charity partner Here for Good:

Email: hereforgood@bindmans.com

Telephone advice line: 020 7014 2155 which is open on
Mondays 09:30-11:30
Wednesdays 11:30-13:30
Fridays 13:30-15:30

The Law Centres Network may also be able to provide advice, depending on where you are in the UK.


If you are in Wales you can contact Newfields Law on info@newfieldslaw.com, who are retained by the Welsh Government to provide free legal advice and support.


In Scotland Settled has partnered with Citizens Rights Project, who will be able to guide you to support and advice on applying to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland guidance and advice on the EU Settlement Scheme is offered through Advice NI, the independent advice network.

You can also leave a message here for us to contact you, so we can direct you to further support. We usually reply within one working day.