Below are some of Settled’s information leaflets on issues related to the EUSS and Ukrainian refugee schemes. You can download each leaflet as a PDF by following the orange links. 

For further information and advice, please visit our Help pages from the home page, or get in touch with us directly for free, multilingual, accredited advice.

Overview of Settled

EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) advice service

  • Access to the NHS for EU citizens (English)
  • Applying as a joining family member (English) 
  • Moving from pre-settled to settled status (Welsh/English)
  • Joining Family Members (English)

Ukrainian visa schemes advice service

  • Ukraine Advice service overview – online / to print – both double sided English & Ukrainian
  • Ukrainians in the UK threatened with homelessness (English / Ukrainian)
  • Sponsorship and visas for unaccompanied Ukrainian children (English / Ukrainian
  • For people in Ukraine: on how to apply for visa schemes, seeking reputable advice and avoiding fraud (Ukrainian, online / to print)


We’re here to help you with your Settled Status to remain in the UK. We have 100 volunteers on hand who can provide advice in all EU lanaguages.

Are Children Involved?

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