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As a charity Settled works with at-risk EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens to help them secure their immigration status in the UK.

General advice and answers

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This page is an introduction to Settled Status and the application process.
This page lists questions that were asked frequently by people applying for Settled Status, along with the answers.
Here is some important Settled Status information in leaflet format, and as PDF downloads.

My circumstances

Settled has also prepared advice pages for you, relevant to your circumstances.

Settled Status banner - over 60
The EU Settlement Scheme applies to all EU Citizens, regardless of the length of their stay in the UK or whether they are married to a British Citizen or not. If you arrived before 31 [...]
Illustration of woman in wheelchair
If you have reached this page, we presume you are either able to access information on a computer or a smartphone or you are assisted by a relative or carer. If that is the case, [...]
Settled Status banner - Roma
As a Roma or Romani, you can apply for Settled Status if you hold the nationality of any of the EU countries. If you have an Android smartphone and you have a passport or national [...]
Settled Status banner - outside the EU (non-EU)
If you are from outside the EU, you may be able to apply if: you’re a family member of an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen; you’re the family member of a British citizen and you [...]
Settled Status banner - child or young adult out of care
If you are a care leaver, the Local Authority that provided your care may still have responsibility for your application, depending on your age. It is their responsibility to identify eligible children, including those where [...]
Settled Status banner - homeless or no fixed address
Being homeless or having no fixed address won’t prevent you from applying for Settled Status, but you may have problems in providing some the information the Home Office asks for. For example, you may find [...]
Settled Status banner - insecure work
In the UK, around one in nine workers are engaged in precarious employment. This includes low paid self-employment, zero-hour contract work or agency work. Many work in the so-called gig-economy, relying on apps to secure [...]
Settled Status banner - victim of abuse
Your personal circumstances may make it difficult for you to apply for Settled Status, or to provide the evidence of residence and ID required. You may also have concern for your safety and the safety [...]
Settled Status banner - victim of slavery
If you do not have access to your passport or ID card, this could be because someone else has hold of this and will not give it to you. You may be too afraid to [...]

For general advice, please see the Applying for Settled Status page.

If you still have questions then see Frequently Asked Questions, with answers.