About us

Settled is a new charity (registered number: 1184580), working with vulnerable and hard to reach EU / EEA citizens in the UK.

Settled is accredited for Level 2 immigration advice by the Immigration Services Commissioner (registration no. Settled CIO N201900057).

Our mission is to reach out to those who are at risk of losing their right to live and work in the UK after Brexit, in the event that they fail to apply successfully for Settled Status by the end of 2020.

The Home Office states that the EUSS application process is ‘simple and straightforward’. However, people’s lives are not always simple and straightforward. There may be many reasons why people find it difficult to engage with the process, or feel worried or anxious to do so. These can include:

  • difficulty with providing or accessing documents
  • not having the means or skill to make an online application
  • difficulty in understanding the language of the application process
  • or living in circumstances where making an application could impact on other issues, such as being homeless or a victim of domestic abuse or trafficking.

We aim to guide, inform and assist them with the application process, whatever their circumstances.


Cristina Tegolo

Service Coordinator

Eva Plajerova

Service Coordinator - Wales

Kate Smart


    Maria Llorente

    Volunteer Manager

    Toni Petkova

    Service Coordinator

    Wiard Sterk

    Information Manager


    Christopher Desira


    Chris Desira is an immigration lawyer who works as Director of Seraphus and also provides advice through the organisation Free Movement. Chris is the adviser on Brexit immigration issues to the European Delegation to the UK. Chris also is an experienced business manager and is currently Settled’s treasurer.

        Jen Ang

        Chair of Trustees

        Jen Ang is a human rights lawyer who works as a partner at JustRight Scotland. This includes a project to provide free legal advice to EU citizens and free training about EU citizens rights to community groups. Jen is Settled’s chair of trustees.

            Katia Widlak


            Katia Widlak works for UNISON as the national lead organiser for their campaign to secure the right to remain for EU workers and their families.

                Martine Petetin


                Martine Petetin is a retired company lawyer with experience in global organisations. She has held trustee positions for several charities before joining the board of Settled. She is currently acting as secretary to the board.

                    Mihai Bica


                    Mihai Bica works for the Roma Support Group and is developing a Roma-led programme of social inclusion in London.

                        Nicolas Hatton


                        Nicolas Hatton is co-founder and CEO of the3million, a campaigning organisation with over 40,000 members, dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of Brexit on EU citizens and upholding their rights.