About us

About us

Settled is a new charity (registered number: 1184580), working with vulnerable and hard to reach EU / EEA citizens in the UK.

Settled is accredited for Level 2 immigration advice by the Immigration Services Commissioner (registration no. Settled CIO N201900057).

Our mission is to outreach to those who are at risk of losing their right to live and work here after Brexit in the event they fail to successfully apply for Settled Status by the end of 2020. We aim to guide, inform and assist them with the application process.

The Home Office is advertising it as ‘simple and straightforward’, but people’s lives are not always simple and straightforward and there can be many reasons why people may find it difficult to engage with the application process or are worried to do so.

This can include:

  • difficulty with providing or accessing your documents
  • not having the means or skill to make an online application
  • difficulty in understanding the language of the application process
  • or living in circumstances where making an application could impact on other issues, such as being homeless or a victim of domestic abuse or trafficking.