Autumn Newsletter, October 2023

We hope you’re well. It’s been a typically busy few months.

We’ve been looking back, with pride, over our work last year. And we’ve been keeping pace with developing needs. We’ve been responding to changes in Home Office rules, winning new delivery contracts and recruiting new staff, getting out and about more, meeting emerging needs from clients, and raising concerns about the most serious issues.

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Changes to pre-settled rules

The Home Office announced some changes to EUSS pre-settled status rules on 21st May.

Please do not contact Settled to ask about these changes until we are clearer, as otherwise our service may become overwhelmed.

It is important that we can continue to respond effectively to beneficiaries in need of urgent casework advice and support.
We are waiting for more detail, and will update our website information, Facebook forums, and leaflets as soon as possible. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

The Home Office announcement is here.

We’re here to help you with your Settled Status to remain in the UK. We have 100 volunteers on hand who can provide advice in all EU lanaguages.

Are Children Involved?

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